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Diploma In Computer Engineering

Computer & software engineering is the inventive and creative application of engineering expertise to the design and development......

Diploma In Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is all about improving and protecting the world we inhabit. It involves the planning, design and construction of ....

Diploma In Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering surrounds us everywhere in modern society. The electrical engineer supplies us with the ability to harness electricity which...

Diploma In Electronics Engineering

Electronic engineering is a rapidly advancing profession and is the driving force behind the development of the world’s information....

Diploma In Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunications engineer working to maintain London's phone service during World War 2, January 1942 Telecommunications engineering is an engineering discipline centered on...

Our Portfolio

Dhaka Central Polytechnic Institute(DCPI) has established in 2006 and located at Darus Salam, Mirpur Road, Dhaka. It was advent with a commitment to train the students by imparting quality technical education. The ultimate objective is to produce quality human resource in technical field who will contribute in nation building.

Technology is the language of modern civilization. Without command over technology - it is very difficult to be a competent nation in the world. DCPI belives in the power of technology and wish to control it by tech loving students.The institute has taken adequate measures to contribute in technical education sector keeping persistent effort.

With the passage of time the institute has marked herself distinct from other similar institutes in Bangladesh. DCPI conducts four yearly diploma degrees in Civil, Electrical, Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer engineering according to the guideline by Bangladesh Technical Education Board(BTEB). DCPI is a BTEB approved institute.

To equip students with adequate knowledge to meet the challenges of twenty first century.

Impart practical oriented training. Turns students into qualified diploma engineers. Help nation to build human resorces. Provide cost effective education at affordable price.

Lead Education Foundation
The technical education plays an important role to develop human resources in a developing country like Bangladesh. To develop skilled manpower in engineering sector 'Lead Education Foundation' has established the Dhaka Central Polytechnique Institute in 2006.
The foundation always focus on capacity building rather than charity. With this core believe the foundation has established following education institutes and other social activities:

Other institutions
  • Dhaka Central Polytechnic Institute
  • Darus salam International school
  • Scholarship project
  • Health project